Wayna Picchu: Known Facts

Wayna Picchu: Known Facts

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One of the famous  adventurous tracks Wayna Picchu in Peru is something about 2,693 meters above the sea level. The peak of the mountain was used to be the residence of the priest and the native virgins as per the local guides.It has a broad base, but the mountain ends up at a pointed peak.  A number of only 400 people are allowed to enter in a day. Tickets are valid for a day and you can guarantee your tickets in advance if purchased online. Tickets are inexpensive and rates are fixed affordable for all.

Wayna Picchu: “Mountain of Death”

You will have an amazing experience to hike Wayna Picchu. As the hike is very, very steep you need to be alert all time and so scary  is the climbing downwards which is considered to be the worst part of the whole track. These reasons have given it a substitute name “Mountain of Death”. The pathway you will return is different as there is a loop on the peak that changes the pathway. Coming to the stairs of death,  the awful moment of the whole journey. As you begin climbing down you will soon recognize the reason why the place is called as stairs of death.  Every step downwards is an achievement in itself. Viewing on one side of the valley you will find a wonderful scenario and towards upright down the valley like a hell. You’re one step miss and you can have a fall from over 700 meters. Concentration and alertness are the only requirement at this point.

Wayna Picchu

Wayna Picchu: What to wear and carry?

We bring here the details shared by many experienced hikers for what to wear while hiking. Carry a comfortable pair of shoes with secure grip, must have enough water. Carry sunscreen, fast drying clothes, bug repellant. Take energy bars instead of taking food. A big no for a big backpack and for a walking stick.

Wayna Picchu: Climbing

Wayna Picchu, which also means ‘Young Peak’ in Quenchua is also a largest mountain that depicts its glory from every point. The view of the landscape and valley you get to see from the top of the mountain peak is adorable and well worth for your climbing. The track is too steep, where in many parts who need to use both of your hands and feet to crawl up words. In different sections of track who will find cables and railings for support. The summit of the peak offers you a bird-eye view and every trail of Wayna Picchu is incredible in itself.

Wayna Picchu: Fitness Required?

A basic level of fitness is a go for you to buy tickets. In general you need not to a climber or mountaineer just some caution should be known and signs need to be followed. You will have to track approximately 400 meters in high humidity and may be in changing weather of the high altitude. Take your time to track as its not a thing to rush.

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