Things to Know Before Visiting Victoria, Australia

Things to Know Before Visiting Victoria, Australia

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Victoria, the smallest state in Australia, has long been a favourite tourist hotspot. It’s where some of Australia’s most celebrated cities, like Melbourne, are located. The state also has a gorgeous stretch of coastline you won’t be able to take your eyes off of. Victoria can definitely give you a very rewarding travel experience. So, here are several things you should know about travelling at this beautiful state.

Visiting Victoria

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Victoria is Expensive

Australia, in general, is a very expensive capital to travel in. Victoria is one of the most expensive states for tourists to travel at. If you plan on spending time in a city like Melbourne, expect to dish out the dollars. Accommodation and food is quite expensive. However, do not allow the expenses to keep you from enjoying the attractions of this lovely state. If you plan well and budget accordingly, you will be able to enjoy touring Victoria without burning a hole in your wallet.

You Need to Have a Plan

Don’t venture into Victoria without knowing where to go. As mentioned before, Victoria is expensive to travel at. Therefore, planning your itinerary is important for keeping expenses within your spending limits. For example, don’t visit Melbourne without knowing the things to do in Melbourne that you can actually afford. Planning ahead can also reduce time waste during your vacation.

Know the Climate and Weather

The weather in Australia can seem peculiar to people coming from the northern hemisphere. The winter here never goes below the freezing point, however, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t get freezing cold here. In the summer, the sun can get extremely harsh. Weather patterns can also randomly change, especially at cities like Melbourne. Therefore, install a weather app on your smartphone to know the weather details in advance. As a precaution, pack for both warm and cold weather.

Sun Protection is Very Important

Australia is known for alarming skin cancer rates. The sun in Victoria is known to be harsher than elsewhere. It’s not safe to go to the beach here without thick layers of sunscreen or other forms of sun protection. In the summer, avoid the midday sun if possible. Do not spend hours under burning sunlight. Your tan could end up with melanoma. Take breaks to spend time in the shade when you are sunbathing on Victorian beaches.

Avoid Driving if Possible

Victorian drivers are extremely disciplined. The state also strictly enforces traffic rules. So, when you drive as a tourist, it’s easy to make a mistake and get in serious trouble. Don’t assume that Australian road rules are the same as in your country. Driving norms would be different as well. So, do not drive unless you are extremely familiar with Australian road rules.

Become Familiar with the Local Slang

Aussie slang can put foreign English-speakers off guard. The country is known for unique dialects and accents that native English speakers from other countries may find utterly perplexing. Aussie English is fascinating, but can be easily misunderstood. So, read a travel guide to understand slang terms before visiting Victoria.

Follow the above travel tips and your vacation in Victoria will be amazing.

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