Things to do When Visiting Ireland

Things to do When Visiting Ireland

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Experience Dublin and all of its glory, this charming city has everything from history and culture to clubs and pubs. With its unique architecture and charming restaurants it is a city of elegance and a uniqueness that cannot be explained;with some great shopping I may add.

Take yourselves to the Connemara National Park for a walk in the countryside, with views which will be absolutely magical. This park is 2000 hectares and is home to the Connemara Ponies and other unique animals. This park is also home to the Twelve Bens which is one of the main attractions.

Experience the literary talent and artistic abilities from the past. Ireland is home to many well-known writers- these writers include Yeats, Beckett and Shaw. There are a numerous number of theaters and it is worth your while to visit at least one. The writers Museum and the Wall of Fame are also a must see when in Ireland.

Visiting Ireland

You can’t give Bush mills a miss (if you are over the age limit), this whiskey distillery is the oldest one in the world. It has been going since 1608 and is still producing a delectable whiskey and it is clear why Irish whiskey is such a popular drink. The highlight to many is the whiskey-tasting you experience after the tour.

There is however one site which is the most popular and well-known when visiting Ireland – that is The Ring of Kerry. This amazing, ancient area is a World Heritage Site and everywhere you go the view is different and even more beautiful than the last- if it’s possible. From huge cliffs to unique lakes and hills that go on for miles, as well as the most beautiful beaches you would have set your eyes on before.

Before going to your fantastic hotel accommodation in Ireland a must do is take a walk through the city center to experience the cultural buzz of Ireland with its deep embedded history as well as some of the most popular events.

There are many more attractions to see in Ireland but those are some of the main ones I recommend. After each day of busy, non-stop site seeing it is fantastic to put your feet up and relax in one of the many luxurious hotels in Ireland so I suggest booking a hotel for your time in Ireland.

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