The Easy Accessible Education Hub: Canada

The Easy Accessible Education Hub: Canada

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Canada has established itself an immensely high benchmark for academic standards and consistently maintained its prestige as an attractive education hub. There are variety of factors for its global recognition and reputation, starting with its cultural exposure and abundant research opportunities and affordability which rigorously process to uphold the quality which is ultimately designed to broaden opportunities for the longer term. Canada is measured high amongst the other OECD countries, but surprisingly its tuition fees and living costs are lower than other supreme educational hub like UK or USA.  Moreover a total of 13 Canadian Universities have been recognised in the world’s top 200 universities and 3 that appears in the top 50 list.

A great importance is given to learning and maintaining high standards of education in Canada. Canada spends more on education and ranks second among the g-8 countries. It fosters diversified studies at various levels of Diploma, Advanced Diploma, and Postgraduate Diploma and Master in Science levels. Another major facility provided by Canada to its people is the “Walk Safe” programme that helps people access public transport during the late hours of the day.

This is a list why one should study abroad in Canada:

  • Canadian universities provide internationally accepted degrees and credentials and are known for consistently providing high quality education. There are various universities which are ranked amongst the top universities in the world.
  • Tuition fee is generally lower than in other countries providing leading educational facilities and Canada provides various specialization programs under degree ,diploma, post graduate at half the price of any universities at UK or USA
  • Safe walk programs, student clubs, and provides assistance with medical emergencies or lodging issues are provided for the international students. They are also assisted in their university studies with resources such as support programs, orientation sessions, academic advising and many more.
  • International students also have the opportunity to work while they study. There are many internship opportunities and cooperative education that Canada provides. After graduation the international students may also qualify for the immigration programs.

How to visit to Canada

As Canada is an important education centre many students immigrate to Canada and stay there until the complete their higher studies. Travelling to Canada was never difficult as the visa services Canada directly deals with the foreign embassy to secure the visa. Recently the eTA authorisation Canada has enabled greater facilities to travel.

Electric Travel Authorisation or Visa eTA in Canada is a Visa-exempt that immigrants may apply to fly to or transit through Canada. The exceptions include U.S. citizens and travellers who have a valid Canadian Visa, Canadian citizens including Canadian Permanent residents and dual citizens need not apply for this.

For the authorisation of eTA in Canada one must apply online. To apply one must need a valid email address, a passport and a credit card to pay for it. It takes a very short time to apply for the eTA and is not very expensive too. Eta is valid for five years and is only valid while one flies to Canada.

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