Is Bhutan “Expensive?” Here’s Why It Is a Bargain

Is Bhutan “Expensive?” Here’s Why It Is a Bargain

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With costs starrting at US$200 every day, Bhutan sounds pretty expensive until you understand that one price incorporates everything: lodging, meals, tea stops, transportation, driver, an English-talking a private tour guide, and admission costs. A four or five-star inn in Hong Kong, London, New York or Sydney may cost significantly more every night than the expense of a day in Bhutan that includes it all.

Bhutan prices are seasonal and set by the Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB), the, kingdom’s administration tourism association. The daily rate for low season (January, February, and June through September) US$200 while the high season rate is $250 every night. Supplements apply for fewer than three people traveling together, and for solo travelers.

Unlike other tour companies, with Better Bhutan you choose your own hotels. Their guests are not restricted to hotels that fit within the daily minimum cost. There are exceptionally fine hotelss that charge slightly more than those permitted by the TCB for only about $20 or $30 per night more. In Paro, Thimphu and Bumthang there are even luxury hotel at a supplememt of $300 or more every night.

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Bhutan is not just for visitors who want to hike or trek. The base daily cost applies, whether you sleep in a tent or a hotel room, take meals around a fire, or in a fine diningroom. While BetterBhutan does not specialize in trekking, they are glad to offer climbing or trekking for those who want that kind of fresh-air experience. There two- and three-night treks that BetterBhutan can fold into a longer itinerary.

What most of those who visit Bhutan have a daily-minimum program and stay in hotels they would not otherwise choose, Better Bhutan offers carefully-chosen hotels and restaurants that are newer, better located and offer superior facilities and comforts. Most people visit Bhutan just once, so Better Bhutan believs it should be an uncommonly memorably experience and that its customers should not have to sacrifice their standards when planning the experience of a lifetime. Better Bhutan has a better idea.

Better Bhutan has a website that will answer many of your questions about Bhutan, choose from sample itineraries, see profiles of their hotel collection and choose travel dates that will coincide with the kingdom’s festivals. It also has some pretty great photography:

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