How To Adapt A New Life Style To Save Your Money While Travelling In USA

How To Adapt A New Life Style To Save Your Money While Travelling In USA

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Planning a trip to USA, one of the most expensive countries. While planning a tour to USA, the first thing that we think about is the Budget, We are not kids from rich family or we don’t have any uncle who can sponsor our trip to USA. There are many ways that you can look for while travelling and that can save you money while travelling. Before starting the trip we have to look for ESTA, A unique Visa Waiver number which is mandatory for all travelers to enter into USA. Once you are done with the ESTA, you are ready for the trip to USA. Before travelling to any country it is important to know about the lifestyle of that country. While planning a trip to USA first question that comes in our mind is the budget, so instead of cancelling the trip you can adopt new lifestyle of USA that can help you save money. Below are the few lifestyles that you can adopt when travelling to USA and save money.

Travelling In USA

  1. Travel : The first thing that we are concerned about is the transportation, if the transportation incurs huge cost, then it can make trip un-enjoyable as you would be reducing cost on the other expenses and you would have a tension of money ending feeling. To avoid such circumstances, you should carry an oyster card with you while travelling to USA. Most of the people in USA are using Metro services instead of taxi, Metro has full connectivity all across USA, so any place you want to visit you can take metro and also you can get discounts on the ticket fair with oyster card. You can also use the bus services to travel across USA.
  2. Staying: Whenever we plan the travel, the biggest question that comes in our mind is the places to stay. By Staying in hostel instead of hotel you can save money. There are numerous sites available from which you choose an affordable hostel to stay.
  3. Timings: In USA, timing is the one thing that you should keep in mind while travelling, If you are travelling in peak hours you might ending up spending too much, though if you chose to travel on off peak hours you actually save your money.
  4. Chose Walking: USA is pedestrian friendly city and most of the major attractions are just a walking distance to each other, so instead of using taxi, bus or any services, chose to walk, which is good for health as well.

Food: One of the major issue which comes in our mind is Food, you can choose from the lots of options like you can pick up ready to eat stuff from the supermarkets that provide food at affordable prices. You want to have only Asian food, there are many option available for you, many restaurants are available that offers good Asian food at the affordable prices. Drinks can boost up your total cost on the meal. However, tap water is free and as per law restaurant must serve it if you ask for.

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