Holiday in UK? Know The Best Cab Services!!!!

Holiday in UK? Know The Best Cab Services!!!!

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If you are planning to visit the United Kingdom then hiring a cab to move you from one point to another is something that most travelers can’t wish away. Major cities in the UK such as London or Manchester are huge metropolis, meaning that the services offered by taxis are extremely important. But how sure can you be that you are getting the best services for a cab while on holiday in the UK?

Hiring a cab in London

Cabs that are available for hire across the United Kingdom have a light on top that displays the word Taxi. The light is switched off once the taxi is hired. You can also hail a cab across any street by simply stretching out your arm as it approaches and it will pull over next to where you are. Then you simply talk to the driver through the front window and explain where you want them to take you. In most cases, black cabs of London can carry up to five people; two on the front seat and three at the back seat. However, there are models that can take up to six people. And of course there is no price difference whether there are six or just one of you. In case you have a lot of luggage, you may ask the driver to put them at the space next to him. While wailing a cab, do mind where you are standing as they cannot stop just anywhere like pedestrian crossing areas or in spots that would endanger the lives of other road users.

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Hiring minicabs

Minicabs are considered a cheaper option by most people who visit London as they give a price before setting off for the journey. However, it is also worth noting that most minicab drivers are not well conversant with the streets of London or any other UK city, so they largely depend on SatNav technology to find their way around. Even though most of them look like private cars, there are also those that have a bright colour with the details of the cab also displayed across them. In most cities across the United Kingdom, it is illegal hailing a minicab on the streets, so it is advisable only using a licensed minicab from a registered office.

Unlicensed cabs

More often than not, you will come across unlicensed cabs outside popular spots such as nightclubs, casinos and theatres touting for business. However, it is not advisable using such cabs because it is illegal to do so and secondly, you could be risking your life. There are cases abound of unsuspecting customers being mishandled by such operators while others fail to reach their destinations altogether. It is important hiring a cab driven by a driver who ply popular tourist routes as there have more knowledgeable and are arguably some of the most interesting people you will meet while in the UK. Do not hesitate to ask them questions about London as most would be too happy to share a thing or two about this enchanting city and the United Kingdom in general. However, be sure that they hold a UK driving licence just to avoid finding yourself on the wrong side of the law.

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