Guide on How to Remove People from Photos

Guide on How to Remove People from Photos

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While you are on holiday, you are likely to have brought along your digital cameras to take a few photos of the landscapes there. Most of the time, the photos of the landscape that you have taken contain people although you would have very much hope that there is no one in the landscape. This is usually not possible since tourist attractions are often crowded with people and it is very hard to find a nice spot that has no one where you can take a good picture.

It is common for people to make mistakes when taking photo, for example, you didn’t notice the person in the background while taking the photo. But, you don’t have to worry about this because all these can be edited through a basic photo editing program like the Movavi Photo Editor. With the help of Movavi Photo Editor, you can save your time from have to go to the place and take the picture of the scenery again. There are various other solutions that are hard to use and come with expensive cost. Movavi Photo Editor is an affordable photo editing software that everyone can afford. Beginners can quickly learn how to remove people from photos in the Movavi Photo Editor.

Remove People from Photos

To remove the people in the landscape, you must first copy the photo from your digital camera to the computer and load it into the Movavi Photo Editor. Next, you are to use the brush tool to paint every person in the landscape red color. When using the red brush tool to highlight, make sure you highlight only the person and the other objects around. It is all right if the red color slightly get to the surrounding of the person. The most important thing is that the red brush tool did not get to the main subjects of the photo.  You can use thicker brush size to color the people that are bigger in the photo and smaller brush size to color the people that look smaller in the photo.

The next step is to color the area that you want to restore with the green brush tool. You just have to click on the Start Erasing button to remove all the people in the photo once they are all marked in red. After clicking on the Start Erasing button, you will notice that all the people in the photo has disappeared. The photo look as if there is no one there when snap it with your digital camera. With Movavi Photo Editor, it is now possible to create an album of beautiful landscape photos that you have taken during the holiday. Removing the people in the landscape scenery photo will make it more appropriate for you to share online with your friends.

It takes less than 2 minutes to remove a person from the photo. Movavi Photo Editor is an easy to use photo editing tool that do not require any artistic skill to operate. It also provide an alternative method, the clone stamp tool, for removing the unwanted people in the photo. You can use the clone stamp tool if the surrounding in the photo is complex.

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