Different Types Of Saudi Arabia Visa

Different Types Of Saudi Arabia Visa

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There are numerous Saudi Arabia visa and they all are really confusing. If you are thinking of traveling to this country, then you must be considering the importance of the situation.  There are many who plan to travel to Saudi, but they are not aware of what type of visa they will be requiring.  How to apply for visa is another hassle.

Saudi Arabia Visa

Visa types

The first is the tourist visa does not exist in this country. Many people would like to visit this country as a tourist, but there is no such tourist visa currently. Then come the business visa, which exists. This means you can apply for the business visa on the behalf of your organization.  Generally if there is a client in the country, then they are known as hosts, who will meet you for the business purpose. This is straightforward and simple approach to get the visa.  The host in the Saudi Arabia is going to ask you   the client to scan the passport of the visitor and then they can proceed further to apply for the invitation later.  This can be accomplished by applying in the local ministry of foreign affairs.  It is important that the ministry consider your application, approve it and then they are going to revert you back.  They are also going to put a stamp of the company seal.  Once all these important steps are completed, the invitation is available to the client.  The client can now contact the registered agent who is going to facilitate the visa stamping at the embassy. This is done same for the umrah visa.

You can also get visiting work visa instead of business visa. Visiting work visa is similar to business visa.  But there are few differences which are instead of meeting the host contact in the country; you will have to perform special tasks when you are in the country.  You are also going to get paid by the director and will receive compensation from the host in Saudi.

A government visa is also issued to those who are interested in meeting the government employees in Saudi Arabia.  This is called gratis visa and you are going to get an invitation letter that is authorized for the govt. visa. This visa is arranged in similar visa like business visa.

Family visit visa

This visa is going to allow you to travel to the country so that you can meet your family members. This can be husband, wife, sister, brother, uncle or aunt or whosoever is related. they just have to prove their relationship with the person living in Saudi Arabia.  You can present birth certificate, marriage decree, family free or any other document that is official.  Once the relationship is proven you are going to get the family visa.  The member will have to meet the local ministry affairs in person.  They are going to provide you with the guest approval passport and you can apply for the familial invitation.  This saudi visa is valid for 30 days.

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