A Memorable Father’s Day In Key Colony Beach

A Memorable Father’s Day In Key Colony Beach

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 Dad will love a fishing vacation in the Florida Keys!

Father’s Day is fast approaching, and what better way to celebrate Dad than to take him fishing in the Florida Keys. Each year more and more Americans are discovering just how readily accessible the Florida Keys is not only for anybody who can fly into Miami and catch the connecting flight to Marathon but especially for anybody who lives in South Florida. A getaway to the island chain is super easy for folks who live in South Florida – it’s just an hour or two down U.S. 1 and once you reach the Keys part of the highway it’s one of the most scenic drives in the world.

One of the best places to take Dad this Father’s Day is Key Colony Beach (KCB), located smack dab in the Middle Florida Keys. It’s not big in area or population but there’s a whole host of fun and exciting things to do from there not only for Dad but also for the rest of the family, too.

Key Colony Beach

Key Colony Beach is located mostly on the Atlantic side of Marathon, across a causeway long enough to get you away from the hustle and bustle of the main road, but close enough to take advantage of all the amenities. KCB has a clothing store, hair salon, dive and tackle shop, liquor store, convenience store, hotels, several restaurants, real estate offices and a 9-hole par-3 golf course. There is also a full service marina where dad can arrange a deep sea charter or get supplies for his own boat.

For a place to stay, there area offers some great waterfront vacation rentals with their own boat dock with easy access to either the Atlantic or the Gulf. This means you can trailer your own boat and keep it docked behind your home away from home! [dock image]

Of course most Dads will be interested in the fishing. And why not? The fishing in this area is internationally recognized as some of the best in the entire world. Whether your tastes run toward the mighty marlin. sailfish or swordfish or more toward the feisty bonefish or tarpon—they’re all out there every day just waiting for you to put your line and bait where they can see it.

The weather during this time of year in the Keys is perfect all day and every day so you can spend the whole day out in your boat if you want…. but be sure and bring a comfortable hat and plenty of sunblock!

You can take the time to go out where the water is a bit deeper or you can stick to the ‘flats’ where stealth is more the required skill in stalking your aquatic quarry. Your catch can be cooked on the grill in the backyard or head to almost any of the local restaurants with your clean fish filets and your catch will be cooked for you!

Most kids and many moms like fishing too but there are plenty of other interesting things to do. Want to experience your own dolphin encounter – the mammal not the fish? Then head on up to Grassy Key and the Dolphin Research Center where you can swim with real, wild Dolphins (although they do like people!). There’s a resort on nearby Duck Key that also offers swim programs with these amazing marine mammals.

If the kids liked “Pirates of the Caribbean”, the movie, they’ll surely enjoy going over to the interactive Pirate Exhibit at Crane Point in Marathon where they can learn all about the pirates who sailed these waters in the days of old. And they can even dress up as a pirate too and get practice saying, “Arrrrrggghhhh” for a video to take back home to the neighbors.

They can learn about the Native Americans Indians who first plied their dugout canoes through the channels and over the flats to fish just like dad might want to do. The fish are still there and still quite plentiful.

There are also lots of places to go snorkelling. Nearby Sombrero Key has a reputation of being a real Snorkeler’s Heaven because of the perfectly clear water, easy depths of 8 to 20 feet and abundance of marine life.

Snorkeling is a great choice for kids because it’s easier and safer than SCUBA diving… but there’s plenty of great SCUBA around Key Colony Beach, too. If that’s your interest you can find several fascinating wrecks in the area or just go underneath the waves to observe the spectacular and interesting marine life.

You’ll definitely enjoy your Father’s Day on Key Colony Beach. As you watch the beautiful sunset while sitting out on the veranda or strolling along the beach of the KCB Cabana Club (one of the perks of KCB vacation rentals) you’ll feel like you’ve found a second home.

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