A Africa’s To Honeymoon Destinations

A Africa’s To Honeymoon Destinations

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Taking your honeymoon in Africa is an exceptionally wise choice. There is a vast range of activities for you to choose from ranging from climbing Mt Kilimanjaro to a safari and, of course, various beach activities. Whether you choose to be inspired by the majestically Victoria Falls or the stunning coral reefs that lay just off the East African coast, Africa has it all in abundance and then some.

We have narrowed our African destinations down to three of the best which we have listed below… we hope you agree.TanzaniaWhether it’s the Ngoro Crater or the Tangier National Park that takes your fancy, Tanzania has the highest concentration of animals anywhere in Africa.

Honeymoon Destinations

The passionate appeal of this place is indeed endearing which is primarily why many resorts within the country have designated rooms and activities for couples on their honeymoon. Some resorts have even gone as far as offering their own private Tanzania safaris, especially for honeymooners.

One of the most popular combinations for honeymooners to go on is spending a week in the countries northern safari circuit followed by a week of relaxation on the islands of the Zanzibar archipelago which is located just off the coast of Dar as Salaam.BotswanaBy choosing to take your honeymoon in Botswana you are very likely to experience one of the most unique and luxury destinations in Africa.

Taking any Botswana safaris in the countries northern region including the Okavango Delta is amongst the best safari experiences the continent can offer you. One of the many reasons why many people choose to take their honeymoon in northern Botswana is because it’s so exclusive and isolated.

Although much more expensive than the majority of the continent, Botswana offers the kind of luxury the rest of Africa just can’t match.KenyaThe most popular and common honeymoon options in Kenya are a coastal safari combined with a lot of beach time.

You can opt for 2-3 days trip to Stave National Park, which is the first and largest game reserve in Kenya. There is also the very popular option of visiting the historic town of Lama on Kenya’s northeastern coastline which is one of the last of the nation’s towns to keep it’ history so well intact. Were you also aware that it was in Kenya in 2011 that Prince William proposed to his now-wife Kate Middleton?

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