3 Tips for Keeping Your Car Clean

3 Tips for Keeping Your Car Clean

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Sometimes it feels as though we spend more time in our cars than we do in our houses. Our cars can become an extension of our homes, and in some ways, they are more important. Often you will give people rides in your car who have never been to your house.

This means that the only frame of reference that they hold for how clean and organized you are is right there in that car. This makes it all the most important that you keep it clean. After all, despite your best efforts not to judge, what is your real impression of someone whose car is littered with junk and old food? Aside from the obvious tip of washing your car regularly, here are three basic tips for keeping your car clean.


  1. Take Care of that Trash No matter how clean the outside of your car is, or how well-vacuumed, it will never look clean if it is covered in trash. To take care of some of the clutter in your car, keep a small trash bag somewhere and only put your trash in there. Each time you come home, empties out the bag to avoid bad smells or buildup of trash.

For items that are not trash, keep a tub in the trunk of your car. That way, if you have things such as clothes or sports equipment that you keep in your car, it can still be organized and won’t be rolling around in the bag or your car while you are driving. This is a good idea for your groceries too, and will prevent any spills after going to the grocery store.

  1. Don’t Leave Stuff in Caro course a far more effective way to deal with trash and other items that clutter up your car is to avoid them altogether. Create a rule for your car that nothing is allowed to be left in there, and stick to it. A messy car often just starts with a couple of things being left behind, and it soon escalates to become a full-blown trash heap.
  2. Get Rid of that Smell Your car might not smell particularly bad, but if it smells good, it will give the illusion of cleanliness. Consider buying an air freshener. There are a few different kids, with varying levels of strength. The most common are ones that hang from the rearview mirror, and these are risk-free, as they will not create an overpowering scent that you may end up disliking. Some are designed to attach to a vent in your car, making them a stronger scent.

 When you use this kind, make sure that you definitely like the smell or it can be an unpleasant experience! Some other techniques for eliminating odor in your car include coffee grounds or vinegar. You can also try getting a bag of coal and leaving it open in your car for a couple of days, it should absorb the bad smell. Sometimes, however, there is nothing that you can do for a smell, and you will have to give your car a deep clean.

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